Maintain Lifelong Well-Being with a Personalized IOP Program

Gain skills for lasting change — based on your schedule and your recovery needs

You may have gone to counseling before, but we're willing to bet you haven't gone anywhere like here. True healing can only start when your willingness is combined with our counselors' care and expertise in a relaxed and comfortable setting. That's why we put so much emphasis not only on using the most effective evidence-based practices, but also on creating a healing environment.

Give yourself the best chance at long-term success:

  • Clinically-proven program designed to help you find new coping skills
  • In-depth assessment ensures program is personalized and realistic for you
  • Small group and individual counseling for caring support

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Our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) combines evidence-based, state-of-the-art treatment with 12-Step principles. IOP is an intense, focused experience designed to enable sober and productive living.

IOP is a good fit for you it you do not require medically supervised detoxification or if you've recently completed residential treatment (rehab) and are in the early stages of recovery, and if you live within driving distance of the center.

You'll start with an in-depth assessment to ensure that your program offers the least restrictive level of care necessary that best meets your recovery needs and fits your schedule. Outpatient treatment is designed to give you coping skills for life -- while you're out there living it. You can choose daytime or evening sessions, and private or small group (8 - 10 people).

You and your counselor will decide on the number of days to come each week, and the length of program that will work for you. All sessions are led by licensed and qualified Addiction Counselors, psychologists, and other professional treatment providers.​​​​​​​

Addiction Affects the Entire Family

Family members of people struggling with addiction often feel they don’t need therapy because the addict is the one with the easily identifiable problem. However, research shows that treatment involving the family results in better engagement, higher rates of success, and increased aftercare participation.

Begin Healing the Whole Family by:​​​​​​​

  • Helping the substance abuser to gain awareness of how their behavior affects the people who love them most
  • Improving the mental and physical state of the entire family
  • Allowing family members to gain specific skills to improve their own well-being
  • Improving communication styles and relationship quality
  • Helping families understand and avoid enabling behaviors
  • Addressing codependent behavior that may be preventing recovery
  • Learning and understanding the systems in place that support and deter substance use
  • Preventing the substance use from spreading throughout the family or to future generations

"When I arrived home after drinking with my buddies, my wife was sitting at the kitchen table with a suitcase beside her. She asked me to sit down and told me that it was over. I didn't blame her, but felt ashamed of myself.​​​​​​​

I walked straight to the phone, called the Counseling Center and my recovery began. The counselors helped me a lot."