Outpatient Treatment for Bipolar Disorder in Fair Lawn, NJ

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If you think that you or a loved one is suffering from bipolar disorder, seek professional help right away. The earlier bipolar disorder is diagnosed and treated, the better your chances of getting it under control and improving your quality of life. Early detection and treatment can help reduce your risk of complications, such as drug and alcohol abuse or suicide.

Help is available: contact us at any time to discuss how we can help you or your loved one with bipolar disorder. We understand that admitting that you need help and seeking treatment can be overwhelming. We are happy to answer any questions you may have to help you on the path to healing.

During outpatient treatment, you'll realize the difference between your symptoms and your true self by seeing how your illness affects your behavior. You'll identify the behaviors you want to change, set goals for making those changes, and work on healthy lifestyle choices, which includes regular sleep, healthy eating and avoiding alcohol, drugs and risky behavior.

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"When I arrived home after drinking with my buddies, my wife was sitting at the kitchen table with a suitcase beside her. She asked me to sit down and told me that it was over. I didn't blame her, but felt ashamed of myself.

I walked straight to the phone, called the Counseling Center and my recovery began. The counselors helped me a lot."

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