Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) in Freehold, NJ

Providing substance abuse help in a healing environment

Conviently located at:​​​​​​​

4345 Us Hwy 9
Freehold, New Jersey 07728

"When I arrived home after drinking with my buddies, my wife was sitting at the kitchen table with a suitcase beside her. She asked me to sit down and told me that it was over. I didn't blame her, but felt ashamed of myself.

I walked straight to the phone, called the Counseling Center and my recovery began. The counselors helped me a lot."

A personalized outpatient program that fits your schedule and your recovery needs

An intensive outpatient program (IOP) allows you to participate in treatment while living at home, maintaining your job, and managing personal responsibilities. Outpatient treatment is designed to give you coping skills for life — while you're out there living it.

You can choose daytime or evening sessions, and private or small group (8 - 10 people). You and your counselor will decide on the number of days to come each week, and the length of program that will work for you.

You'll start with an in-depth assessment to ensure that your program offers the least restrictive level of care necessary that best meets your recovery needs and fits your schedule. Treatment is provided by experienced, licensed Counselors who guide you in exploring important aspects of substance abuse and co-occurring mental health problems, in a safe and accepting environment.

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The Staff at Freehold

Our number one goal is to help clients abstain from alcohol or drugs and avoid cycles of relapse. We provide the support system comprising of trained and knowledgeable counselors, peer support and an affiliation with the 12-Step AA/NA programs, so each client can continue to overcome the patterns and triggers of addiction.

Gianna Chapman

Gianna Chapman, LPC, LCADC, NCC, MA

Clinical Director

Gianna Chapman, has earned multiple licenses, certifications and degrees including a Bachelor’s in Psychology with a concentration in substance abuse and a Master’s in Clinical and Counseling Psychology from William Paterson University.

As Clinical Director, Gianna guides the clinical team to ensure that each patients’ specific needs are being met, as well as conducting individual therapy, group therapy, and family counseling sessions.

She chose the field after witnessing family and friends suffer from addiction and struggle with their recovery.  Gianna thrives on seeing the positive changes that happen as each individual undertakes the process of recovery to conquer their addiction.

John Wohlert,

Assistant Clinical Director

Originally from Kansas City, MO, John Wohlert, MSW, LSW, grew up in several different states including Oklahoma, Ohio, Iowa, New York and Pennsylvania before settling in New Jersey in 1973. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts from West Chester University and a Master’s Degree in Social Work from Monmouth University.

John has worked in substance use treatment for the past 11 years in both clinical and management roles. He was previously a counselor with L.Y.T.E. (Leading Youths Through Experience) providing in-home and community services for adolescents. John prides himself on seeing the positive changes and success in clients' lives.

John MacDonald,


Counselor, John A. MacDonald, JD, MA, NCC, LAC, has run the gamut from blue-collar work to working with CEOs and some high-level government officials. He has also worked in just about every area of mental health or substance use treatment there is including, clients with severe trauma history, PTSD, and victims of violence and sexual trauma.

John believes that his own experiences with substance abuse and childhood trauma combined with relevant education in psychotherapy and addiction treatment could benefit hundreds of individuals and their family members. It is humbling and a great honor to have patients that trust you enough bear some of their darkest tragedies and secrets. It is a beautiful experience to be an integral part of their journey from the dark days of addiction and unregulated mental health disorders to the joy of recovery, reestablishing healthy interpersonal and family relationships, and to find true meaning and purpose in their lives.

Margaret Dowe,


Margaret Dowe, MS, LAC, NCC, earned her Masters Degree in Science in Psychology with a specialty in family and couples counseling from Monmouth University. She has been a part of mental health and substance use treatment for the past six years. She previously worked for four years in the adult involuntary behavior unit at Monmouth Medical Center as a Mental Health Associate.

Margaret builds strong trust and rapport with her clients by using an open and direct approach. She knows that for each client to succeed in recovery, their counseling method should be individual to their needs. She is very goal oriented and tries to instill this quality in her clients so, like her, they can jump any hurdle that may come their way.

Kristina Chocolate,


Kristina Chocolate, MS, LAC, NCC, earned her Bachelors Degree in Psychology from Stockton University and her Master's Degree in Mental Health Counseling from Monmouth University. As she learned more about mental illness, she learned about the prevalence and co-morbidity of addiction. She entered the field in hopes of impacting the lives of both addicts/ alcoholics and their families.

Kristina works primarily with strength based and humanistic perspectives with her clients. She thinks it is crucial to help them explore the underlying causes of substance use in working towards a solution. It is rewarding to her to be part of the clients’ journey from the moment they walk through the door and see the growth a client has from the time they first enter treatment until their day of discharge. Kristina feels fortunate to be able to get to know each new client and play a role in their life-changing experience of getting clean and sober.

Jenna Kawan

Jenna Kawan


Jenna has worked for The Counseling Center for four years, and received her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Georgian Court University in Lakewood, NJ. As Admissions Counselor for The Counseling Center, Jenna's job is to make sure the admissions process goes as smoothly as possible for new clients, helping to ensure that they get the help they need right away.

Jenna enjoys interacting with patients over the phone, listening to what they are struggling with and assuring them that we are here to help them as they undergo the process of recovery.

Brianne Downey

Administrative Assistant

Brianne Downey, has always been the kind of person who loves helping other people. During her freshman year of college, she was intrigued by the intricacies of substance use and mental health treatment. Seeing her father struggle with addiction has made her passion for helping people grow even stronger. As she watched him make his way into recovery, she knew that it is possible for anyone who seeks it.

Brianne gets to know each one of the facility's clients, so they feel comfortable confiding in her. Her personal experiences give her an insight into a lot of the issues that clients struggle with on their journey to recovery. Being able to help anyone with her own experience, strength, and hope brings her great joy and encouragement.

Stephanie Thomas

Marketing Outreach Coordinator

Stephanie Thomas, BS, CSAC, is a fifteen-year veteran working in substance use and mental health treatment. She earned her Bachelor of Science Degree in Addictions Sciences Counseling from Drexel University in 2003 and began her career working with the Philadelphia Health Management Corporation.

Being a CSAC (Certified Substance Abuse Counselor) she brings another level of expertise in assisting local treatment providers, families and individuals find the proper level of care. She gives back by helping people find substance use and mental health treatment to begin their recovery process.

Tom Roskin

Tom Roskin

Outreach Coordinator

Tom Roskin grew up in Roslyn, NY and graduated from Syracuse University (Bachelor of Arts). His work as Outreach Coordinator for The Counseling Center allows him to communicate with people all over New Jersey and New York, helping connect providers to the individuals seeking help and the resources they need to improve their lives.

Tom grew up in a family of caregivers, including professionals dedicated to providing mental and physical support to individuals seeking to overcome the disease of addiction. As a student, he developed insights into how different professional and clinical roles collaborate in the community of care and recovery. He now enjoys meeting new people in the Continuum of Care, and building the professional relationships that lead to successful recovery for clients of The Counseling Center across New Jersey and New York.

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