Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) in Middlesex, NJ

Providing substance abuse help in a healing environment

Conviently located at:​​​​​​​

127 union avenue, Suite 1
Middlesex, NJ 08846

"When I arrived home after drinking with my buddies, my wife was sitting at the kitchen table with a suitcase beside her. She asked me to sit down and told me that it was over. I didn't blame her, but felt ashamed of myself.

I walked straight to the phone, called the Counseling Center and my recovery began. The counselors helped me a lot."

A personalized outpatient program that fits your schedule and your recovery needs

An intensive outpatient program (IOP) allows you to participate in treatment while living at home, maintaining your job, and managing personal responsibilities. Outpatient treatment is designed to give you coping skills for life — while you're out there living it.

You can choose daytime or evening sessions, and private or small group (8 - 10 people). You and your counselor will decide on the number of days to come each week, and the length of program that will work for you.

You'll start with an in-depth assessment to ensure that your program offers the least restrictive level of care necessary that best meets your recovery needs and fits your schedule. Treatment is provided by experienced, licensed Counselors who guide you in exploring important aspects of substance abuse and co-occurring mental health problems, in a safe and accepting environment.

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The Staff at Middlesex

Our number one goal is to help clients abstain from alcohol or drugs and avoid cycles of relapse. We provide the support system comprising of trained and knowledgeable counselors, peer support and an affiliation with the 12-Step AA/NA programs, so each client can continue to overcome the patterns and triggers of addiction.

Elina Malamud, LCSW

Clinical Director

Clinical Director Elina Malamud, LCSW, has over 18 years of experience treating the mental health barriers that often lead to substance abuse, including depression, anxiety, PTSD, bipolar disorder, and many psychotic disorders. She utilizes evidence-based treatment models, including CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), MI (Motivational Interviewing), and IMR (Illness Management and Recovery), as part of the individualized treatment plan developed for each individual client. 

Originally from the Republic of Uzbekistan, Elina immigrated to the U.S. with her family in 1991. She earned a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from New York University, and a Master’s degree in social work from Columbia University. 

As Clinical Director, Elina Malamud works closely with each clinician, and is an active participant in every client's treatment plan. Elina ensures that clients are not only working towards abstinence goals, but are also actively working to overcome family conflicts, manage anger, and resolve communication problems.

Elina also supports and counsels the clinical staff of The Counseling Center, providing guidance and encouragement for their continued professional development in service to our clients and community. 

Elina knows that it is possible to recover from addiction and mental illness. Elina and her team are dedicated to teaching clients needed coping skills, helping clients develop recovery-oriented life goals, and to address and overcome specific mental health barriers, while securing essential family and social support.

Suzanne Higgins, M.S.ED., LCADC


Counselor Suzanne Higgins, M.S.ED., LCADC, has over 30 years of experience working in all levels of care within substance abuse and mental health treatment. She has dedicated her career to helping individuals and families address the complex mental health and interpersonal family dynamics associated with substance abuse and addiction. 

For Suzanne, the Initial Assessment is a key component of effective treatment. The initial clinical assessment is the first opportunity for a counselor to learn about a client's life. Effective treatment requires attention and care for the unique individual -- acknowledging the dynamic relationships we each maintain with our families, with coworkers and employers, with each other, with our environment, and perhaps most importantly, with ourselves. 

Suzanne builds the trust, hope, knowledge, and belief in themselves that are paramount to success in their recovery.

Frederick Caruso, LAC


New Jersey local Frederick Caruso, LAC is a Licensed Addictions Counselor, and a member of five local advocacy groups, including Project Zero where he participates on the Opioid Awareness Committee.Years ago, Frederick recognized within himself a strong personal desire to help people struggling with substance abuse issues. He returned to graduate school intent on learning practical, evidence-based methods that he could use to make a difference in New Jersey. He earned a Master's Degree in Professional Counseling from Monmouth University in 2012. 

Frederick commits himself to each client by offering support, knowledge, and his personal experience, to help through difficult times. His combination of personal experience and professional, solution-focused treatment approach helps individuals develop the strengths needed to achieve reach their ultimate goal: recovering from substance abuse.

Stephanie Thomas

Marketing Outreach Coordinator

Stephanie Thomas, BS, CSAC, is a fifteen-year veteran working in substance use and mental health treatment. She earned her Bachelor of Science Degree in Addictions Sciences Counseling from Drexel University in 2003 and began her career working with the Philadelphia Health Management Corporation.

Being a CSAC (Certified Substance Abuse Counselor) she brings another level of expertise in assisting local treatment providers, families and individuals find the proper level of care. She gives back by helping people find substance use and mental health treatment to begin their recovery process.

Tom Roskin

Community Outreach

Tom Roskin is the Marketing Representative for The Counseling Center throughout New Jersey and New York. Tom earned his Bachelor’s degree from Syracuse University and was born Roslyn, NY, giving him a dedication to the New York/New Jersey area that can only come from being a part of it. A dedicated family man Tom likes to spend his free time, playing golf, tennis, and working out, along with catching up on some reading, and of course spending quality time with his family. 

Tom Roskin brings a sincere commitment to trustworthy support to his work at The Counseling Center, where he represents the outpatient treatment clinics as reliable partners in the Continuum of Care for patients and clients in New Jersey. Contact Tom with any questions you have about referrals, programs, or access to care in Monmouth and Ocean counties.

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